Porsche 022256205B Heater Control Flap Left

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Recommended Merchant $108.59 at AutohausAZ

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Dansk HVAC Heater Control Box 022256205A... (more info)

Recommended Merchant $116.20 at Amazon

Porsche 914/4 Heater Control Flap Left by DANSK (). Usually ships in 1-2 business days. This part is made by JP GROUP DANSK. This part fits: : (fits years): Model : 1970-1976: 914: 4 cylinder . ... (more info)

$180.63 at Automobile Atlanta

Porsche Heat Control Box Made of steel and painted black.... Fits: Porsche 914... (more info)

$162.48 at Jim Ellis Porsche

Porsche Flap control box. Exhaust system heat exchanger (/L. ) Porsche Flap control box (#022256205B; 021-256-205-H; 022-256-205-A; 901-211-610-00) . Exhaust system heat exchanger (/L. ... (more info)

$140.95 at FCP Euro

Porsche Heater Control Box (914) - Dansk 022256205A Porsche Heater Control Box (914) - Dansk 022256205A, OE numbers: 022256205A, 022 256 205 A, 24843001595, 91.401, 142902, Brand: ... (more info)

$116.62 at Import Replacement Parts

Dansk Heat Control - 022 256 205 A Dansk Heat Control, OEM Part Number: 022256205A and Manufacturer Part Number: 91.401... (more info)

$114.02 at KO Performance

022256205B-350 022 256 205 B Heater Control Flap This part is manufactured by DANSK... (more info)

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